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Sweet Pea Fairy

Baby/ BreastFeeding Graphics

Since Breastfeeding has become such a big part of my life, as well as my baby's I feel strongly about passing on how special and important it is! These graphics, are for breastfeeding mothers, who understand exactly what I mean!


If you are unsure about the benefits of breastfeeding, please read!
Benefits for the mother-
-helps bonding with baby
-Helps mom get back to pre pregnant weight
-babies are healthier
Healthy babys are happier babies
-no bottles or formula to mix
-helps protect women from ovarian and breast cancer
Benefits for the baby
-breastmink is the perfect food for baby
-breastfed babies have higher iqs
-baby is less likely be overweight
-baby will have-
fewer infections
fewer incidents of diareah
fewer allergies
fewer doctors visits

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