Sweet Pea Fairy

*nothing may be removed from this site without permission
*You must read and agree to all terms to purchase/ adopt anything from my site.
*You MUST give credit , in no way should you ever claim my images as your own
* Do not use my graphics / adoptables in any cyber- pet or clipart collection.
*you must have a website to order anything
* My images are only for family friendly sites.
*I do not refund payments, all sales final! if you are unhappy, please let me know and I will do my best to help you
*I only accept paypal payments, when the payment has cleared I will send your order
*You may order items for a friend, as long as they too obied by the rules!
*My Graphics are not to be put onto any CDS or printed. if you are unsure about this please ask!

* not to be redistributed as tubes (or lineart), you must make something from them
*You may gain profit from the graphics in the use of siggies, websets, etc.
*You must link the banner included or text link back to sweet pea fairy when used.

*You CAN make a profit using my outlines, they may be used in creations as long as you created something with them, you may not re sell them as they are.
*Anytime you use the line art a link back to my site is required, you must place the banner provided on the page where the item you created is located and link it back to my site

All custom packages are made to order and sold to one person only.
The purchaser may then place the tubes and outlines into their password protected members area and/or use for themself-May not be re-sold as-is
Your members may then create from the tubes in signatures, websets, etc and color and tube the outlines
Raw outlines and tubes may not be passed on by anyone except for the person the custom was made for
The banner provided must be displayed when offering the packages, and kept on the original graphics page.

example-siggies, websets, dotw, clocks, siggies, etc
~you may gain profit using bases , but they are not to be tubed. And they must be clothed, made into something to be offered.
~Do not edit in any way You may add text / animation to blank banners- for personal use
~Do not offer to others.
~ A link back is required using the small banner, or active text link on the same page they are displayed if available

**Terms are subject to change anytime by me
**You must follow all rule to adopt/ purcahse anything from my site