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Sweet Pea Fairy
The Fairy Village
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Please send in your secret, we will list it below, and no one will know where it came from!

I have a crush on Brad!
I cheated on my Girlfriend :(
I love Michal M<
I am not sure i'm happy with my decisions...
I like someone who is not even cute
I love Joey
I want a boyfriend!
I trick people
I have a crush on 2 people
I have a crush on Ryan C and I really want a boyfriend!!
im going out wid duncan and i cant even tell my best friend
I love shawn
I'm a true fairy in a persons body and i'm part about everything else one person knows and she betrayed me!!!!!!
Hannah LOVES Kyle
I am in love with a girl
I have been really bad
I don't have a job- and I tell people I do
im in love my best ladfrend and i want to kiss him so much!!!!!!!
We steal stuff from my dad's work
I do believe in fairies, I do, I do!!!
i love Peter R
I'm confused about my love life
I hate these feelings I have that no one can understand.
I secretly want to be an animal.
My friend is soooooo mean
I like dustin C
I will always love my boyfriend Nick
I cheated on my boyfriend 2 years ago
I want to become a fairy princess
I wet myself when i laugh
I diser something realy badly, but i don't know what it is
I wish that max would love me
I've always loved the fantasy of fairies & this is my outlet to relax & take a moment away from STRESS!
I am in love with someone!
I have a huge crush on tommy!
I like someone!
I like a guy and he asked me out but im still thinking i dont want to give up my single life its fun
I wet myself on the school feild when i was 5
I am always sad but pretend to be happy
I like this boy name Zakwan
I am in love
I think i am crazy
I think I am pregnant
My friend likes my teacher
I am mad at someone
I had 2 boyfriends at once
I want to offer adoptions in my site
I am depressed
I am not happy with the one I am married to
I love my sisters husband
I am pregnant :)
I don't have a bestfriend and I wish I have one
I am in LOVE with my ex
I want to break up with my boyfriend
I am very sad
I wear socks in bed
I think about my ex a lot...don't want him back though! LOL
I`m not a happy person!
I love stuffed animals near my bed.
I pee in the shower
I like spinach
I have a crush on my friends boyfriend
I am in love with my friend
I feel overwhelmed

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The Fairy Village

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