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Sweet Pea Fairy
The Fairy Village
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Please send in your dream, we will list it below, and no one will know where it came from! Take the dream catcher (below)and link it back! Hopefully you will always remember your dreams

~~*~~ I had a dream that a big troll was chasing me around a village because he wanted me to watch him do his dance!~~*~~

~~*~~I had a dream that I was falling off of a cliff~~*~~

~~*~~My dream was about monsters chasing me :(~~*~~

~~*~~My dream was about Me falling in love with my true love- ryan~~*~~

~~*~~My dream was me being chased by a witch~~*~~

~~*~~My dream was about a puppy~~*~~

~~*~~My dream was being a model~~*~~

~~*~~My dream was about having beautiful fairy wings and a beautiful dress~~*~~

~~*~~I was a Fairy!~~*~~

~~*~~I was in a school bus with my boyfriend~~*~~

~~*~~i dreampt i had a pet dinasour~~*~~

~~*~~I dreamt that someone's mum threw a shower at me once...~~*~~

~~*~~i had a dream that my secret garden for the fairys was ruinned by somethig that had hoofs~~*~~

~~*~~i had a dream that i had a fairy~~*~~

~~*~~About falling in love with johnny depp ~~*~~

~~*~~i had a dream that i got engaged to orlando blum~~*~~

~~*~~I had a dream that i was in playboy !~~*~~

~~*~~I had a dream that I was rich~~*~~

~~*~~I had a dream that I Had a Baby~~*~~

~~*~~I had a dream I was dating JOHN CENA~~*~~

~~*~~I dreamt about my cat and he talked...~~*~~

~~*~~I was in a cartoon world being chased by a bulldozer~~*~~

~~*~~I had a dream that my dear mother was still alive~~*~~

~~*~~i dream that faerys are real and i am one~~*~~

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your dream:
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