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Please write to me with anything you need a little advice about and I will try to help!

I have a crush on this boy I know and I think he likes me too, but he has a girlfriend. What should I do?
Well Honey, you sound like a great girl and if this boy liked you as much as he should he wouldnt be with another girl, he would be with you! Forget about this guy and find a man who is there for YOU.

Are Fairies real, I dont know what to think?
Of course they are, all you have to do is believe!

There is A girl in my school who is always picking on me.. shes really mean and says bad things about me to other girls. What should I do?
Well first, dont pay any attention to this girl. To me it sounds like she has no life to be talking about you all the time. Also i think she may be a little jealous of you! Just ignor her, it will bother her and she will probably stop. If things are bad you should probably get some teachers/ principal involved. But please dont let it get to you! These type of people only say things about you to make themselves feel better!

last year i have a crush with this boy. but now i do not like him anymore. the prob is i cant talk with him even i do not like him. i really,really want to be his friend!!?
Well hon, maybe you should talk to him about this problem. sit him down and tell him that you would like to be his friend, and try to work something out! Or just strike up a conversation with him, and i am sure he will gladly respond!

Everyone hates me, what shal I do!!?
Ok first let me say, that is far from the truth. we all have days when we feel like everyone is out to get us, but please let me reasure you that everyone does not hate you, and perhaps you are just going through tough times. and for those who do dislike you, look at it as "who cares" there opinion doesnt matter anyways. do not live your life trying to impress others , make yourself happy, and dont pay attention to what others think.

I lost my muse, how can I get it back?
i would start by thinking up something that inspires you, for examples i like fairies, so i would read some fairy books or watch a fairy movie then perhaps some ideas will come :)

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