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Sweet Pea Fairy

in memory of Mary Wilkinson. grandma mary i love you and i will miss you so much. love, robyn in memory of Robert Wilkinson love, robyn in memory of Raymond Scutt love, robyn in memory of Grant Bentley love, robyn in memory of Thomas Bruso love, robyn in memory of Katherine Weller love, robyn in memory of John Hale love, robyn in memory of Frankie Ives love, robyn in memory of the baby I lost love, robyn in memory of uncle buddy we wish we had more time with you... love robyn, ryan and Liam in memory of my love Emily love, Edward in memory of Jack love, Sharon
in memory of Ben love, John in memory of Lisa love, Tracey I miss you sister! in memory of My boyfriend Ben who died in a car accident love, Alanna in memory of Kendall C. Thomas for time and eternity, your wife Karen in memory of John may you be blessed and at peace love, Kaye in  loving memory of Jimmy Davis god bless you jimmy and may your spirit always soar! love, Chrissy in memory of Uncle John I miss you dearly and pray you are in a better place love, Willow in memory of Mugsy, gone but not forgotten. I love you baby bro! love, BenXXXXX in memory of Timmy Smith. I miss you buddy! love, Shelia in memory of Daddy. In my thoughts often.
In my heart always. love, Diane
in memory of my grandma love, Lisain memory of Kris Berard love, Robynin memory of my dad. Greatly missed by me and Saul and all of the kids.  Your candle was snuffed too soon.Love till we meet,Catherine
in memory of mimper my hamster. a much loved and missed friend never to be forgotten in the years i live!xxx. love, rosa sinclair emerson in memory of Marjorie Cooper. You will be remembered always. love, Robyn in memory of my husband Clarence StJohn love, Amelia in memory of Corey, I miss you love, Stacey in memory of Toby I hope you are in a better place now my friend. love, Baby Fairy in memory of Walter Burdge For a man whom I feel I never completely appreciated enough.  
You are missed, but your death changed all of our lives.. love, Abigail Baskin
in memory of Heather Jones -Wilkinson.. love, Robyn in memory of Jesse Rose Mudderman
jesse my precious angel baby we love an miss you
love mommie
in memory of Ryan Matthew Mudderman
i miss you soo much lil angel boy
love mommie in memory of Marc Armstrong.. love, Robyn in memory of Brodence..Miss you always my baby love, Robyn in memory of Gordon, miss you man!!! love Russ in memory of Ashley Rain DeLoach
..11/18/98 ~ 06/12/99 A brave little angel fought hard for her life,'til God called her to heaven and ended her strife.We will forever miss her.Mommy & Daddy - Niki & Phillipin memory of Loretta Dawn I love you my Angel. Rest well till we meet again. Mommy loves 
you. [[May 5th. 1970]]Mommy --Monaxy Pamona in memory of John Menan Kim
, miss you !!! love Sohyun Kim in memory of Petra Lee
I miss you my angel.You were the best sister ever... love, Alia Jenkins
in memory of dad rest in peace.. love,Lori in memory of Hallie, Grandpa K, Grandpa Ross, Grandma K
..your presence and support is appreciated ...
I cherish the visits ...
Namaste' love, Sarah in memory of Dennis Curts & Evvrett..We miss u and wish so much that u could come back. But we know 
that one day we will be with u , but untill then u will always be with 
us .In our hearts, mind, and, Jessy& april in memory of branday
..Little to big sisses i love, maddycat in memory of My granmother Porter
Nanny Porter I will always be thinking of you even though I 
never got to meet you. I love you nanny Porter.
xxxxxxx.. love,Alice in memory of Krystal Lee Higgins..We Miss & Love you very much! You have our hearts, Little 
Girl. With all our Love, Sru, Deb, Tara & Justin in memory of dad rest in peace.. love,Lori in memory of Sylvia
.. Few people valued you as you should have been and now you have 
gone to a better place.  Light a candle and your flame will shine 
forever bright with love.
Catherine in memory of My dearest cousin..May he live forever in a world of peace and love, he will be 
remebered as a bringer of laughter love,Ailish in memory of Jeanette
..To a loving and very missed mother and grandmother !! love,Beth in memory of my mom
..i love u mom!! love,Jenna Mangold
in memory of my sister donna
 miss u
.. love,chery
in memory of my cat
He got ran over by a car.I will miss him.. love,Hannah
in memory of My Daddy
I miss you Daddy, will Love you always  ..Little Bit in memory of my mom, love Jennifer Cote in memory of officer carper- patroling heavens gates. in memory of gracie miller- wings earned going home, always in my thoughts in memory of Anna Tasch- You'll always be my shinning star! in memory of my mom and dad- I miss you so much mom and dad you are in my heart always. in memory of Grandma & Grandad in memory of  my forever loving Peter, He died 12.08. 2007 with 45 years on cancer. I was beside him to his  last odem.I ever love him and never ever forget him.God made him a peaceful home there and love all around him and angels beside him and he was a so gogorous man!!True love nver die!The light here and the light of spirit there wher he is and give him peace!
I pray so much for him and I miss you so much my dear - teardrops and
but I know you have find peace in god.
Your loved ZanZarahin memory of my mother, Gladys
thank for this remembrance page with lighting a candle for my
 mom. we did not have the best relationship during my childhood and
 most of my adulthood but we did come together at the end of her life. that
 is probably what lots of people can say happen to them also but i
 TREASURE my memories now and that means the world to me. love ya mom,
 Laurie in memory of mom and dad-I will always love you and i miss you terribly,hope you will always be near.
in memory of Lori Hurley- I miss you Mama.! in memory of i-momay- ilove you in memory of Tio Tito Te Amamos in memory of Stanley Boulden- grandpa you are forever remembered with love in memory of Cayden Daniel 2003-2007  We love and miss you my angel in memory of my dad (Boyd)  wish you were still here in memory of Mary Frye  you were my best friend. I will always love youin memory of Mein Opa. Ich vermisse dich :-( in memory of Corey Randall Dawson. 8-20-91 in memory of cathy. we love you in memory of Bonnie Wee Baby      Beloved Baby girl in memory of Winston Knight     You will always be in my heart in memory of Maudie Ivey     I miss you Mom Love you so much in memory of Katie Earhart     rest in peace sweet girl in memory of mum     I will always remember in memory of Freddie     I will always remember in memory of My grandfather i'll never forget you.. in memory of Bobby  Died 1 year ago today...we miss you in memory of Altha Moore Mamaw, you are missed.
in memory of  Flicka I miss so much =( in memory of  blessings thank you for everything in memory of Nassiriya victims  Italy remembers its heroes. in memory of My teenage friends     Pray for my children in memory of  tomas      i always remember you in memory of  Marie     love you my baby girl in memory of  Nanna and Nonno I LOVE you. : - ( in memory of  Herminia Bersamin Always in our hearts in memory of  Rike of
Dear Rike, RIP. I will always remember you. Love, Miriam. in memory of  Rike of
I Will Miss You My Dear Pixel Friend. in memory of  Linda Sue Krivicich I love and miss you Mommy in memory of  Josphina Fox
 My loving hearts aches with out you. in memory of  Christa (My Daughter)I Love You and Miss You so very much!!!. in memory of  Richard in memory of  My Grandmother I Miss You in memory of   My dear mother, Frances I'll love you & miss you always, Diane in memory of  Trish, Always in my thoughts, miss you muchin memory of   my grandma wilson, i love you grandma
in memory of Shellie Anne Minick McKenzie--I miss you, sis! Looking forward to being together again.
Deb in memory of Brandy    I will miss you until we met again sweetie in memory of Camila   finally died in my arms. I remember you and are always on my mind. I love you my darling dog in memory of ToTo
  I love your for ever my dear grandfather in memory of Bezerra Que o Senhor o tenha sempre em seus braços. Amemin memory of Elanorin memory of Billie Sadler
Never Could I have a Better Mother in memory of Brenda Manning
  This is my mom,  she had breast cancer, lung cancer, and bone cancer, and a brain tumor. she fought with cancer for 11 years.  she passed away August 27, 2008
in memory of Kenneth W Brown
  Always in Our Hearts in memory of Trish Steerman
Remembering You Always in memory of NINHO My little friend, i´ll always love you so. in memory of my father
always on my mind in memory of Bradley Werts
You were a good man and your family will miss you.
in memory of  Peter
  I always love you my died husband - you died on 12. Aug. 2007 with only 45 years on cancer in my arms ... I love you my dear in my deep heart all time I live here and hope I can see you somtime again in memory of Great Papa Tony Our rock, now reat in peace in memory of Virginia Christianson I will always miss you, And I thank you Grandma for being my guardian angel. in memory of my father, Paul Dad, I miss you deeply and each day the grief is getting more tolerable and my only solace most times is that you are now with mom! You were both so in love and thrived on being together. Visions of you together again brings a smile to my heart! Love ya! in memory of AuntyC I will always have you in my heart. in memory of My Mom I love and Miss you!!! in memory of David Steinburg Rest In Peace Dad. in memory of FLORIANA TI VOGLIO BENE. in memory of My grand phater I miss you so much! in memory of Grandma I love u whole bunches visit me soon. in memory of Rebekah Love you baby girl. in memory of Roxanne You are in my heart
. in memory of My grand Grandma and Grandpa S You were my strength with I needed it most. I miss you both so much! in memory of Vicky How I miss you sweetie. in memory of Peter My loved husband who died in my arms on cancer - trou love never dies. in memory of baxter john. in memory of Frank Lockhart My Daddy>
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in memory of Freddie Williams Luv you Dad in memory of LUELLA

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