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Sweet Pea Fairy
The Fairy Village
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I wish for peace I wish for More money I wish for happiness I wish for a new life I wish for a hot girlfriendI wish dad would send child support I wish for money I wish for a baby ALL THE PEOPLE I LOVE TO BE HAPPY I wish I could see a FairyALL THE PEOPLE I LOVE TO BE HAPPYI wish I was preg.
I wish I had a fairy friend If any fairys are reading this 
email me at that Elanie will be ok with Abel getting with me I wish to advance at work even higher than I am now I wish Takara had a dog friend to play with to   play  fairy  dress  up  games I wish I could be happt with the way I live and stop trying to 
be PERFECT!!!! I could go on pointe! i wish that i will meet my tooth fairy
I wish for income from my artwork to make our own fairys for health i wish I will see a fairy I wish i could have a puppy I wish I was a fariy I wish me and my love will be together againI wish for financial security
I wish He loves me I wish I had perfect skin
 I wish for a puppy I wish  Ben was never bornI wish for a best friend I wish that nathan kisses me at johannas party
 I wish for happiness I wish I could make my own fairy village like Sweet Pea's!
 I wish for freedom I wish for mr right
 I wish for true love I wish for world peace and happiness
 I wish for a better man
I wish contentment
 I wish for happiness I wish my mom will stop drinking
 I wish for safety I wish that wars decrease ALL OVER
 I wish for a good life I wish for good health
 I wish for just for my life to stay as it is I wish some day my air and earth powers will work
 I wish for money I wish i had a boyfriend
 I wish for love I wish i would see a real fairy
 I wish for a boyfriend I wish to spend the rest of my life with patrick
 I wish for happiness
I wish i won a lot of money
 I wish for true love I wish laurels gone to a beautiful place
 I wish for a kitten I wish unicorns and pegases and fairies were back in the world
 I wish some flowers
I wish i could travel the world  with my boyfriend
 I wish i could be with the man i loveI wish I was beautifuli wish to liveI wish i could have a boyfriend I wish I could have a hampsterI wish eo be with the man i am in love with now- foreverI wish to be with nick foreverI wish to always be with my babyI wish I had a magical endevorI wish olivia was at her house and called me!I wish i had a fairies magic in my garden I wish I could get all of my eyesight back
I wish friends foreverI wish to have a happy lifeI wish bella will live for a long timeI wish molly will have a happy lifeI wish for my mom to get well soonI wish for love and hapinessI wish I could have a dog I wish dallas would ask me out i wish my best friend will never forget mei wish for a bigger caravani wish for a real phonei wish i would have a baby sister i wish i could be with kayla right now i wish i had wingsi wish i stayed healthy forever i wish to be a dancer i wish i found out soon what i deserv mostI wish for world peace
 i wish i  will become a writer and all my books will b worldwide
i get a birthday present from the fairies!!
  i had a hamster and a pony
I wish I was a fairy . I wish Mama Cat came back to life I wish me to be healthy and not fat
 I wish to make an A in keyboarding this semester
 I wish I could be happy.
 I wish he would find someone else.
  I wish I were able to be better at sports..  i wish love came true..  I wish for a magic cottage!

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The Fairy Village

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