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Sweet Pea Fairy
The Fairy Village
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Welcome To The Fairy Village Jail, This is where we keep all the naughty humans locked away where they belong. Below you can see who our current inmates are and what their crime is.
Current Prisoners

TAYLOR- BECAUSE GABBY SAYS SO GREG-for making my life harder and making me sad everyday and 
making me cry. For hurting Joely too MARTY-FOR ACTING UGLY Natasha Because she keeps taking Abbie away from me and being nasty to 
me. Hannah-Because they did something very rude. They made a request for 
my face paint when I told them not to 6 times!!!
Dalynn-For TECHNOCLY calling me stupid
bob--- he stole my purse witch had a huge amount of money in. katie---for messing up my bedroom Alvin Pixie
----He is an evil boy and doesnt believe in fairies Patti
--She needs to refill her faerie dust.
my inner pain-- b/c it makes me feel bad inside and it makes it hard to focus 
on what i'm supposed to be doing. it makes me cry and sometimes totaly 
break down
--because she left mini donuts in the gym.
She helps her dogs kill grasshoppers becca
She has a blue pencil molly-she hurt my feelings Emily-because she has more money than me. Jordan-because she
 asked to walk home with my friend cherie even tho cherie comes down my


To send someone to jail

Fill out the form below, make sure to fill in all information! When we recieve the report, we will lock them up. They will be allowed to ask others to remove them from their cell (- bailed out-) but if no one sends a bail for them- they are stuck.

To bail someone out

Fill out the form, but make sure they really deserve to be released!

Lock Someone up

your name
prisoners name:
why should they be sent to jail?

Bail someone out

your name:
who are you bailing out?

Wall of Shame
This wall of shame is decided by me for naughty humans who do not follow the rules of The Fairy Village
No one has been naughty yet
The Fairy Village

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