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Sweet Pea Fairy

~payments are through paypal. (No refunds)
~You must have a (family friendly) website
~Single person join only- groups/ partners much each join separately.
~You must have your membership badge on your site and linked back to Sweet Pea Fairy. A text link is ok for those who only have text links on their membership pages.
~Lifetime= as long as I am online,I have owned SPF since 2002 and do not plan on going> ~Graphics are intended for online use, not to be printed and sold, or put onto cds and sold.
~I have the right to revoke memberships immediately if TOU's are not being followed.
~I Will keep all member information safe and private

~When using tubes/ gifs, you must leave an active link back to sweet pea fairy
~Tubes/ gifs are not to be offered as is--- you must create something with them
~Tubes are meant for end sales creations

~outlines must be colored before they are offered on your site. No as-is
~ If you Tube them you must display and link the banner (or active text link) back to SPF on the page they are offered.

~Bases must be fully dressed before offering in creations, siggies, etc. bases may not be tubed!
~Do not edit items in any way You may add text / animation to banners-siggies for personal use
~Do not offer to others.

~Tou are subject to change at any time